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CafeCulture+Insitu is an established company that represents world-class international and local brands, delivering commercial furniture, lighting and custom design solutions to an array of beautifully designed functional spaces. These include corporate and creative offices, hospitality, shopping centres, educational, retail and residential environments.

For over 18 years, CafeCulture+Insitu has been providing architects and designers with quality products and service, contributing to some of the most exciting and innovative projects in Australia.

Our business prides itself on having an outward view, while maintaining a strong, localised focus, fusing popular European, British and American brands with talented, authentic Australian designers and brands. The company’s in-depth involvement in the finishing and delivery of all products and projects is supported by strong relationships with its partnering brands and close, one-on-one relationships with its manufacturers and craftspeople.

CafeCulture+Insitu is represented in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with networks in other states. Additionally, we have successfully delivered projects into Asia and the Middle East.

Giving Back


Cafe Culture Australia Pty Ltd is a preferred supplier to the Maybell Group, which is a certified Supply Nation Registered Indigenous Business and a supporter of Waste Aid. Through the Maybell Group, we are able to commit a percentage of the profits to assist Indigenous communities and business people. A recipient of this support is through the Maybell Group’s ongoing contribution to Waste Aid. Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island (ATSI) communities, Waste Aid creates long-term sustainable solutions to address inadequate waste management in disadvantaged communities and in so doing reduce the adverse environmental health impacts.

Our Services


CafeCulture+Insitu services small to large scale fit-outs. We work across the board with all project stakeholders to ensure deliverables and outcomes are achieved and surpassed.

We represent some of the best international and local brands and manufacturers, with the ability to place orders of any size and customise upon request. Our comprehensive range is strategically sourced and regularly updated, ensuring we offer the best in international and local design, quality and craftsmanship.

Projects are directed from each local office in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and are supported by a dedicated internal project manager to oversee all deliverables. Our local teams are set up to obtain and deliver projects Australia-wide. In addition, we can deliver international projects in Asia and the Middle East.

We work closely with our clients to manage sample requests, customisation and product options ensuring the best solution to both project and client requirements.

Our distribution team quality controls all products before delivering to site. We will work with you to install on time and at a time that fits in to site schedules. Post-sale, our long-term dedication is reinforced by our ongoing service and lengthy product warranty.

We have extensive experience in supplying our clients with the best possible solution, no matter the project size. We are reliable, dedicated to what we do and can be trusted by the volume of work we have delivered.



If you see the Leaf symbol on our website, you can be assured that the product you are viewing has environmental certification or has been produced using eco-friendly processes. We strive to work only with manufacturers who meet the highest of Australian and European environmental standards.

Many of our products can be reused as new with new upholstery, or refinished timber or acrylic surfaces. The use of LED or compact fluorescent globes are used in many of our designer lighting ranges, for reduced electricity consumption and energy savings. We source European timber furniture from companies who manufacture their products using FSC certified wood, originating from forests managed according to high environmentally sustainable standards.

Our Culture


‘We are positive individuals who are passionate about the design industry. We are proud of our product ranges and will strive to deliver them to you with outstanding customer service and professionalism.’

Product Care


General Care
- Do not place outside
- Do not use in coastal areas

- Wipe down frame if wet
- Finish can be cleaned by using a light oil with 0000 grade steel wool with a non-abrasive cleaner

General Care
- Cast aluminium components in furniture will oxidize near salt water, the performance of the items is unaffected, simply clean with soapy water and polish with aluminium polish

- Clean with mild detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly
- Windex can also be used with a soft cloth
- Do not use abrasive pads, brushes or cleaners

General Care
- These tops lightly scratch with normal use. The scratches are not unpleasant and over time create a nice patina on the surface

- Regularly clean with water and a non-abrasive damp cloth with a stainless steel cleaning agent
- Do not use an abrasive cleaning material like steel wool, as it will scratch the surface

General Care
- Chipping and breaking of the clear coating does not cause the frame to rust but is unsightly

- Wash with a soft cloth with warm soapy water
- Windex can be used with a soft cloth
- Repair with a light sand, an application of chrome paint spray followed by a coat of clear epoxy
- Do not use abrasive pads, brushes or cleaners

- Wash with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water
- Stubborn dirt can be removed with Nifty, Spray’n’Wipe, or similar
- Do not use abrasive cleaners

- Clean using Windex and a soft cloth
- Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaning products as it will scratch the surface

General Care
- Marble is a natural material and can be scratched over time from normal use, acidic food and drink should be used with caution

- Use mild washing liquid with warm water
- Do not use acidic cleaner
- Do not use scouring pads, powder, concentrated detergents or silicone based furniture polishes
- Buff with a chamois

General Care
- Suitable for use indoors only, unless marine-grade ply or teak
- Protect from direct sunlight
- Timber is a natural material and can be scratched by cutlery, ceramic plates and other normal use placed on the surface over time
- Avoid excessive application of water
- Do no expose surface to alcohol
- Do not place excessively hot or cold objects directly to the surface

- DO NOT USE any chemical based cleaners
- Apply suitable timber oil to timber furniture as required. Seek professional advice from your local hardware store to advise and supply appropriate oil. Follow the directions on the label. Apply in the direction of the grain
- Regularly dust surface with a damp cloth
- Do not use scouring pads, powder, concentrated detergents or silicone based furniture polishes

General care
- Suitable for use indoors only
- Avoid excessive applications of water as it can cause the edges to swell over time
- Protect from direct sunlight
- Do not place excessively hot or cold objects directly to the surface

- DO NOT USE any chemical based cleaners
- Regularly dust surface with a damp cloth
- Do not use scouring pads, powder, concentrated detergents or silicone based furniture polishes

General Care
- Protect from direct sunlight

- Regularly dust with a clean, dry duster
- Clean with water, mild detergent and a sponge. Rinse and allow drying. Use a soft nylon brush to remove more stubborn dirt and grime. Appropriate cleaning instructions can be obtained from the fabric supplier if required.

Do not apply the following:
- Vinyl protectants such as Amoral
- Cleaning products containing bleach
- Cleaning products that have abrasive materials in them
- Cleaning products that may produce a chemical burn

General Care
Leather is a living material that becomes more beautiful over time if cared for correctly. Remember the following guidelines:
- Never place leather furniture closer than 20-30cm from a radiator, or in direct sunlight
- Vacuum clean frequently with a soft brush, and clean surfaces subjected to heavy wear, such as arm and neck rests, as required. Water-soluble stains are easily removed by soaking and blotting with kitchen paper
- Treat spills and stains as soon as possible
- Avoid scrubbing
- Never attempt to remove problem stains with strong solvents or chemical products
You could end up with a bigger problem that requires repairs. Instead, contact us ask for assistance. We can also contact the manufacturer for further expert advice

To provide the best possible care for your leather furniture, Elmo has developed a water-based leather care programme including a cleansing product (Leather Cleaner) and a protective product (Leather Protection)

Leather Cleaner
Leather Cleaner cleans the leather gently and delicately, which means it can be used frequently without risk of drying out the leather. Areas subjected to heavy wear, such as armrests, benefit from frequent cleaning. Leather Cleaner is suitable for all Elmo leather, except Nubu.k

Leather Protection
This product impregnates the leather, protects it from spills and stains and keeps it soft and supple. We recommend you treat your leather upholstery with Leather Protection after cleaning, ideally twice a year. Suitable for all Elmo leather, except Nubuk.

General Care
The day-to-day care of cotton is the same as for wool. Many types of stain can, as a rule, be removed using warm water and soap. When removing stains, caution must be exercised, i.e. do not rub too hard on the fabric, since there is a risk of friction marks. Removable covers can usually be washed, although there is a risk of shrinking. This can, however, to a certain extent be minimised by replacing whilst slightly damp.

General Care
Daily care and immediate stain removal will ensure that your wool upholstery will keep looking good for many years to come. It is normally sufficient to regularly vacuum and air furniture upholstered in wool fabric. However, it is a good idea to clean the wool fabric occasionally. Use an approved wool shampoo and follow the instructions carefully. Take care never to saturate the wool fabric. Never use undiluted cleaning agents, bleaching agents, ammonia or soap intended for hard surfaces.

Stain Removal
If you act quickly, it is not difficult to remove a spill and thus avoid staining. First, soak up the liquid with an absorbent napkin or cloth and roughen the surface of the dried stain using a spoon. The treatment is undertaken from the edge of the stain towards the middle to avoid the stain spreading further.

Refer to more specific details here for stain removal for cotton & wool

Treat the stain according to the following guide:

1 Mineral turpentine, vegetable turpentine or similar
2 Stain remover for fat or oil
3 Water with furniture shampoo added
4 Acetone or nail varnish remover - oil-free
5 Cold water
6 Surgical spirit
7 Borax: 1 tsp in a little hot water in a cup, topped up with cold water
8 Table salt: 1 tsp in a cup of warm water
9 Use no. 3, adding a dash of spirit vinegar
10 1 tsp of detergent in 1 cup of hot water
11 Surgical spirit diluted with water 1:5
12 Household disinfectant; 1 tsp to 1 litre of water
13 Use no. 7, adding a dash of spirit vinegar
14 Cool with ice cubes in a plastic bag, break the chewing-gum/candle wax. Carefully remove the loose pieces
15 Run a hot iron over layers of absorbent, white paper
16 Contact a specialist
17 Vacuum thoroughly


Type of stain and order of treatment:

Alcohol 9, 11, 7
Ballpoint pen 6, 4, 10
Blood 5 + 8, 3, 7
Butter 14 + 15, 1 + 2, 3
Candle wax 14 + 15, 1 + 2, 3
Chewing gum 14, 2 + 4, 16
Chocolate 3, 1, –
Coffee (black) 13, 11, 3
Cream 3, 1, 7
Drinks based on fruit syrup 7, 3, 6 + 3
Fizzy drinks 9, 7, –
Furniture polish 1, 3, 2
Gravy 3, 1, 7
Ink (writing) 3, 16, –
Jam 3, 7, –
Juice 7, 3, 6 + 3
Lipstick 1, 2, 3
Milk 8, 3, 7
Nail varnish 4, 16, –
Oil and grease 1, 2, 3
Paint (oil) 1, 3, 16
Paint (water based) 5, 3, 16
Shoe polish 1, 2, 3
Soot 17, 3, 1
Tea 3, 11, 7
Urine 3, 12, 16
Vomit 3, 12, 16
Wine 3, 13, 11