AMOR CORTESE, designed by Monica Armani for Punt, is a collection of unique, elegant sofas and chaise lounges, featuring a curved back of natural plywood in an oak or walnut finish with a base in solid wood. Combining an upholstered element with the wood that defines Punt so well, the Italian architect and designer, Monica Armani, feels that she has created a sanctuary for love from another age: chivalrous, virtuous and refined.

Architect and designer Monica Armani was born in Trento and currently divides her time between Trento and Milan. She began her professional career working with her father, rationalist architect Marcello Armani, who passed on to her a passion for designing and planning, an attention to detail, and an enthusiasm for exploring new ideas. In her projects, formal aesthetics, innovation and engineering give life to a unique and recognizable style, characterized by a continuous connection between industrial design, architecture and interior design.

"Amor Cortese pretends to join the strength and sturdiness of the wood with the warmth and softness of the fabric. This piece of furniture is rigorous and refined, but at the same time, warm and comfortable. I feel that this piece is a sanctuary for a love from another age: chivalrous, virtuous and refined." Monica Armani.

Since the company was founded in Valencia in 1980, Punt (formally Puntmobles) has continually produced contemporary furniture worthy of inclusion in some of the most renowned design collections in the world. A point is the beginning of a line. Punt means point. A line is a series of points following a certain direction through space. That is Punt. The points from Punt that go to make up their collection are practically infinite. Many of these “punts” are happy encounters, happy discoveries; others are still searches, seeking serendipity. 

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