EARTH wall and pendant lights by Anchor Ceramics are handmade giving each light its own unique character. The ceramic component is thrown on a potter’s wheel. After an initial firing, the fittings are hand finished with glazes mixed from raw ingredients using recipes that have been developed specifically for Anchor Ceramics lighting collections. They are then fired one last time to to 1,280°C to mature the glaze and finalise the piece. EARTH lights are simply stunning.

Anchor Ceramics is a ceramics studio founded by Bruce Rowe in 2012. Based in the Pop & Scott collective workshop in Northcote, Victoria; a deep respect for the tradition of craftsmanship infuses the atmosphere of the Anchor studio. Handmade methods, timeless processes and considered products that can be passed on through generations are driving inspirations. The intention at Anchor Ceramics is to produce functional ceramic products that enhance daily life and the quality of the spaces that we all occupy. 

Bruce draws on his experience as an architect to develop each piece in the Anchor range; from intention, to developing the idea through models and design drawings, to prototyping and testing, to the final piece. Input from master craftspeople with skills in specialised areas of manufacturing, materials and the ceramics process is sought to inform the ongoing development of the products. He considers this 'ideas to manufacturing' approach connects the designer and maker in a truly collaborative manner. 

The form and surface based inquiry of ceramics is fundamentally connected to and informs Bruce’s practice as an architect with MAKE Architecture. For Bruce, ceramics is a kind of reconnection of the designer with the maker; ultimately it allows him to undertake both designing and making with an understanding of the specific requirements of each. 

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