Founded in 2011, the Milanese brand, Eumenes, leverages on the local design heritage and extensive design expertise of their team. They design and create indoor and outdoor furniture “for the common good,” which is evident in their ancient Greek name, “Eumenes.”

Metals, the most resistant, eco-friendly and recyclable materials, are their core materials. This ensures that their products are of high quality and that they can be re-used in the design processThrough an advanced industrial approach, they combine a variety of unique materials with new technical solutions to offer a wide range of innovative products and guarantee high quality projects.

Versatility is the core of their brand and for them it means three things:

In & out furniture: at Eumenes, they create objects that can be moved from the living room to the garden. This is possible as a result of their choice of textiles and frames, which are able to elegantly furnish indoor and outdoor spaces as well as resist harsh outdoor conditions.

Freedom to create: they provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in the creative process. By freely combining colours and textiles, customers can obtain countless variations of any of their furniture to create a unique and personalized product that expresses their personal style.

Ever changing products: at Eumenes, they are never contented with what’s possible with their furniture collections. By constantly adding new finishings and colours, they can quickly foresee and adapt to the ever-changing tastes and needs of the customer.

Behind their products is a special mix of components: a melting pot of leading designers and young talent who passionately share their design philosophy: Paola Pavone, Jean-Marie Massaud, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Runa Klock, Elin Hedberg.

From sourcing to production, their products are strictly Made in Italy to guarantee the highest quality and finest products possible.

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