The NOROCK team has been mastering stabilising technology for over 25 years. Through its partnerships with industry-leaders including McLaren, Toyota and Nissan, NOROCK has pioneered global stability solutions with its patented design technology. This technology and passion for design has been introduced to the hospitality sector through NOROCK table bases.

NOROCK provides an unrivaled solution to table instability. No Rock™ self-stabilising table technology is the elegant solution to the age old problem of the wobbly table. Their patented table bases automatically conform to the most rugged and uneven floor surfaces without any user interaction. Take a look at a future where the wine stays in the glass and the coffee in the cup. The patented technology and designs are elegant in their simplicity, robust, maintenance-free and economical to produce. They revolve around a unique and innovative approach to geometry and componentry. NOROCK table bases can be used indoors or outdoors as long as a specific table top appropriate for the outdoors is used in combination with this. Table stability with award-winning, patented design

NOROCK is a GOOD DESIGN award winner 2016 + REDDOT design award winner 2017.

NOROCK table base systems, designed by Chris Heyring, are available in dining and bar heights that include:

Dress it up or dress it down, the clean, full lines of the AVENUE self-stabilising table base in alumnium will complement your venue for years to come, whilst the unique, patented NOROCK stabilising system works quietly behind the scenes.

The NOROCK table base is a beautiful slimline cross style base, ideally suited to elegant dining settings. With the die-cast aluminium legs swooping down from the centre hub, the ESPLANADE has a minimalist feel whilst still embodying the patented NOROCK stabilising system. Available in a range of colours, as well as a classic polished aluminium finish, the ESPLANADE is finished with a high quality coated surface suitable for outdoor and seaside locations. The ESPLANADE is completed with a colour-coded stem and matching top plate.

PARKWAY is a self-stabilising table base that captures an industrial rawness. Angular and architectural, the exposed componentry and minimalist design illustrates the elements - crafted, zinc-plated steel, exposed fasteners and a dichotomous simplicity. 

The TERRACE self-stabilising table base is a seamless blend of two NOROCK table base models - the AVENUE and the ESPLANADE. Combining the functionality and design of these beautiful table bases have resulted in the TERRACE having a unique and very desirable feature - stackability. The TERRACE is configured so that the table top can be folded down and the complete top and base can be close-stacked when not in use. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications where a venue has many tables located outside that need to be packed away when not in use. Combine this stacking feature with the patented NOROCK stabilising system, and you have a solution that delights both staff and customers.

The TRAIL self-stabilising table base exemplifies modern simplicity. The linear, clean design and concealed componentry complements a robust construction for use in any setting.

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