Rakumba, taking inspiration from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘sun,’ designs and manufactures decorative feature lighting in Australia. Rakumba’s deeply embedded ethos, “beauty, detail and going beyond the ordinary,” permeates through their whole design process from idea to product realisation. They care about what they create. They care that customers love their products. 

Following on from the success and much-publicised brand re-launch at DENFAIR in 2016, Rakumba is partnering with Cafe Culture + Insitu – strategically positioning decorative lighting alongside our designer furniture collections.

Beginning in Melbourne in 1968, Rakumba continues to challenge what's been done in design with technology, materials and production. Rakumba’s focus on the intersection between design and craft informs a strong sense of authenticity in their work - creating lighting products with stories behind them.

Rakumba is known for collaborating with Australian designers and for their strong support of local manufacturing. Involvement with design students, emerging and established designers sees their influence continue to grow across the Australian decorative lighting landscape, pushing boundaries and creating world class innovative lighting.

From designing a prototype to delivering a newly finished piece, quality and professionalism runs through each step of the process, where attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection is what matters. The standards set by Rakumba rival brands around the world.

Products shown here include:
LENARD wall light
CAPITAL pendant
STONE COW pendant
ROSELLA pendant
POTTER DS pendant
PYLITE pendant

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